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I remember the moment that I decided, it’s time to make a not-for-profit. It was when I needed to get my hands on funds immediately to help a beautiful homeless soul and his dog. Yes, I made it happen through my company, however things like this were becoming a weekly occurrence and my accounts people were beginning to look at me and shake their heads. Even though we give to a long list of charities that we align ourselves with and trust, we want to be able to act immediately and create immediate impact in others lives. I have friends that have NFP organisations and they spend more than half their time sourcing and securing funds.

The Miracle Made Foundation will hold funds that, lets face it, will come from my business brain as I’m going to make not-for-profit products so the foundation doesn’t need to rely solely on donations.  The money will work to be a poverty buster both in Australian and globally. If we see somebody in need, we want to be able to react then and there and provide support. 

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